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What to avoid in selecting your roof contractor

Although most roofing contractors are in business to deliver quality work for their clients, not all have the best of intentions. Here are some tips to prevent you from hiring the wrong Wesley Chapel roof contractor for your roofing project.   Avoid contractors going door-to-door: Companies that […]

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How to buy Belleair FL Metal Roofing Products

You have numerous options to choose from when it comes to Belleair FL metal roofing products. Generally, metal is a great material for our coastal Florida climate because it handles heat well and is durable in severe weather conditions. But which type of metal is best for […]

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Preparing for your Palm Harbor FL Metal Roofing Installation

After you have selected a roofing contractor and determined the materials for your roof installation process, there are still additional steps you need to take to prepare for your Palm Harbor FL metal roofing installation. Here are some logistical arrangements you should be sure to discuss with […]

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Tips for selecting your Belleair FL Roof Contractor

Working with a reliable and dependable roofing contractor is important to bring you peace of mind as a homeowner. Whether you need regular roof inspection and repair or a total roof replacement, working with a trustworthy Belleair FL roof contractor can make all the difference. Here are […]

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The process of installing a new roof

Roof replacement is a big job. But what exactly is your roofing contractor doing to install your new roof? Here’s an overview of the roof replacement process.   Cover and protect any exterior plants or structures that could be damaged in the roof replacement process. Remove the […]

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When is it time to call a roofer?

There are a number of reasons why you may need a roofer for your home. These can include a roof replacement or installation, roof repair or regular maintenance and inspection. Depending on your specific needs, there may be a local contractor better suited. Some contractors specialize in […]

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Hiring a roofer for your Safety Harbor, Florida Home

Roofing is a major investment in your home. Choosing the right contractor to not only help you select materials but also complete the work and installation is incredibly important. So what do you need to know about the process for selecting a roofing contractor for your home’s […]

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Tips for maintaining your new roof

If you’ve recently replaced the roof on your home, you know how costly and time consuming the project is. Once you have a new roof on your home, you should be eager to keep it pristine and well-maintained. Here are some tips to help keep your new […]

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Important questions to ask of your roof replacement contractor

Replacing your roof is an incredibly costly investment in your home. It’s very important to do your due diligence before hiring a roofing contractor to complete this large, expensive project on your home. Here are some important questions you should ask of potential contractors for your roof […]

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Preparing your children and pets for a roof replacement

In previous posts, we’ve addressed how to prepare the interior of your home and your yard/garden for a roof replacement. Now, we’ll address how you can best prepare your family, specifically children and pets, for a roof replacement. A roof replacement is typically a very noisy job […]

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