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Residential & Commercial Roofing

Commercial RoofingResidential Foofing

At WeatherProof, we have over 20 years of experience constructing, installing, maintaining, inspecting, and repairing both residential and commercial roofs. We work on all types of roofing materials, including tile, metal, shingle, and flat roofs. We always go above and beyond to exceed industry standards and specialize in energy-efficient roofing. We only use the best insulation products and reflective films, as well as roof flashing to make your roof less susceptible to weather damage. We offer the best quality work at affordable costs.

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Tile roof

Tile roofs are among the most common because, in addition to being visually appealing, they are both durable and affordable. They come in a variety of styles and colors, including concrete, terracotta, fibered, and slate, which makes finding the perfect fit for your home quick and easy. Tile roofs can help reduce energy costs and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions, which is especially important for Florida homes.

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Weaterproof metal roof

Metal roofs come in multiple colors, gauges, and styles. They are the perfect choice for businesses or homeowners wanting to use 100% recycled materials. When our expert contractors install a metal roof on your home or building, you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs or premature deterioration. With the right installation process, metal roofs have an exceptionally long life span and can be considered lifetime products.

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Weatherproof Flat roof

Flat roof systems are the most common type of commercial roofing. While they are most often constructed using metal or concrete, there are a variety of flat roof styles to choose from, depending on the type of building you own. Some of these include BUR (Built Up Roofing), Modified Bitumen, and Single-Ply roofing. At WeatherProof we have experience installing, repairing, and maintaining flat roof systems for commercial buildings and even offer property management services.

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Shingle roofing weatherproof roofing

If you want a shingle roof for your residential or commercial property, it is especially important to hire experienced roofers that will get the job done right. Shingles are applied using an overlapping system, and the effectiveness and longevity of a shingle roof relies heavily on the techniques used during installation. Shingle roofs are available in a number of different materials, including wood, metal, fiber cement, slate and—the most common—asphalt.

Shingle RooferShingle

As the most common roofing material, shingles offer a simple, yet classic, look for your home. They come in a variety of colors and textures, and are very affordable.

Tile RooferTile

An environmentally friendly material, tile not only looks great, but it will last longer than any other roofing material. They can be made into almost any color, to match the exterior of your house perfectly.

Metal RooferMetal

Metal roofs offer protection against water, wind, fire, and mildew, and can last 20-50 years. Because it is so lightweight, installation is extremely quick and easy.

Flat Commercial RooferFlat

Typically used for commercial buildings, flat roofs are easy to install and maintain. Due to the fact that they have no slopes, these roofs can be great to house solar panels, gardens, and HVAC systems.

GAF Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor
Proud to be in the top 2% of contactors in the nation!

No Matter The Weather

No matter what the weather brings, when you have a WeatherProof roof, you can rest assured that your home will be protected from nature. We know that Florida roofs are put through a lot, which is why our courteous and professional staff will make sure your home can handle anything.

40 Years of Experience

Since 1969, it has been our goal at WeatherProof to change the image of the roofer to someone you can count on and trust. We will always be on time and we strive for open communication throughout the entire process. You will never be surprised by hidden fees or final bills that are higher than the estimate for no apparent reason. As a Master Elite GAF certified roofing company, you will feel confident knowing that our work will be done correctly, using only the best materials possible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you hire WeatherProof, everything will be done to your exact specifications. If you need a new installation, we will work with you to show you the wide range of options available to you, and to ensure the final product will complement the overall look of your home. After the job is finished, we will completely clean up after ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about stray nails in the yard or roofing materials left behind.

Rainy Season is Here

At WeatherProof, our name says it all! You will never have to worry about leaks inside your home during rainy season, since our certified, licensed, and insured contractors will always make sure your home can handle anything. We never sub contract out, which allows us to guarantee you have the best contractors in the industry working on your home. We offer the strongest warranties in the industry, along with the best quality roofs for the best price! Make sure your home is ready for rainy season, and call us today to schedule a free estimate.

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Residential Roofing

Emergency Repair

Residential Emergency Roofing Services

When your roof is compromised, the safety of your family and home is at risk. If this happens to you, trust the WeatherProof contractors to fix the problem correctly, and to make sure your family is safe.

Wind Mitigation

Residential Wind Mitigation

We will perform a wind mitigation inspection on your home to make sure it will hold up in case of strong winds, like those we see during a hurricane.  If we notice your roof is lacking something vital, we will install it to ensure you stay safe.

Roll Roofing

Residential Roll Roofing

If your home has a low-sloped roof, roll roofing is one of the easiest and least expensive roofing materials you can choose. It offers long lasting protection and comes in many different colors to perfectly match your home.

Commercial Roofing

Emergency Repair

Emergency Commercial Roofing

When your commercial building needs emergency roof repair services, call WeatherProof. We will be there as soon as possible, and will repair the problem quickly and correctly. You can trust us to keep your building safe!

New Roof Installation

Commercial Roof Installation

At WeatherProof, we know that commercial buildings require a lot of energy to run. We want to help decrease your energy costs any way we can, which is why we offer a new white coating for commercial roofs that will allow for increased energy efficiency.

Roof Demolition

Commercial Roof Demolition

When you need your commercial roof removed, trust the certified and licensed contractors at WeatherProof to do the job right. This can be an extremely difficult and technical job, so don’t trust just anyone for your roof demolition.

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